Three tier semi naked - small

Semi naked cake in three tiers (4+6+8"), serving 70 coffee portions. 

Ivory buttercream exterior.

Please include the date of pick up in your comments. The cake will be ready for collection between the hours of 10am and 3pm on this date. Please note we are not open on Sundays. Cakes can be kept from a Saturday to Sunday but will need to be refrigerated. Cakes must be ordered with at least 7 days notice.

Our 'Off the rack' cake collection is designed to help you keep costs down while still having a gorgeous tasting and beautiful cake at your event, whether it is a wedding, birthday or other special occasion. 

You can dress the cake with any additional decoration once you have it at your venue. 

These cakes are all two and three tier options

The cake is all one flavour and you get the options of some of our most popular flavours. We do not offer tastings for these cakes but you are welcome to pop in store to try our cakes by the slice to see which is your favourite

As all the information we need for your cake is collected at the time of purchase there is an additional charge for any emails and consult time which is charged at a rate of $30/half hour or $5/email and will be billed prior to your collection.

We do not recommend these three tier cakes travel further than 20 minutes from the city as they do not have the necessary additional structural support to guarantee safe transport. Any cake with this additional support comes under our custom cakes. 

All our cakes are subject to our terms and conditions which are available on our website